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Friday, September 10, 2004

What does Bangkok looks like ?

The most recurrent question when I meet or talk with people I know is : "What does Bangkok looks like ?". Meaning also, what do you eat, what do you do after works.

Bangkok is as big as mauritius. A big forest of roads, buildings, railways and motorways, packed with 9 millions inhabitants officially. Unofficially, they are around 15 millions people in Bangkok, due to unproprer registration.

Bangkok was known 10 years ago as the Asia's Venice. Full with small channels and boats carrying loads of passengers protecting themselves from the water of the klong with newspapers. With the economical growth, most of the channels have been covered and replaced by buildings. no more Asia's Venice.

I live in a pleasant small street (soi) in the center of Bangkok. I have to walk on Phloen Chit street with all the noise and then I get in my soi and it's a lot less noisy. A great place. I can find food on the street, small cafe where I can work on my laptop, and big shopping centers at 3 minutes walking. Bangkok have roads with 7 lanes, 5 in a way 2 in the other in front of my office. At peak time it's all traffic jam every where. So I tend to avoid cautiously taxis and cars or tuk tuk at peak hours. The best way to travel is by sky train if the destination and the departure are on the skytrain way. Since a few months there's also a subway which rally a lot of suburbs in the north of Bangkok. Taxis are good at night when there's no more traffic. If there's no skytrain, the moto is the second choice, but it's a choice between speed and security. Taking a moto taxi is very close from doing extreme sport. Finally if you're hanging around the river Chao Phraya, use the taxi boats, they are great and costs only 10 bahts :o)

Next time I will explain a bit about where to hang around. I have to go dinner on the streets :)