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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Chechen terrorism

We were all discovering a few days ago the horror of children taken hostage in a school in Russia.

Before saying very bad things on Chechen actions, we need to think a little and ask us a single question :

What is so horrible their in Chechnya that makes the men and women of this country act in such a terrible way ?

Taking children hostage and killing them, let a mother go but asking her to choose which one of her 2 child she will left behind are definitely not good ways of showing the world that Russia is persecuting Chechen civilians.

In a war, the winner write the history. And they tend to forget the horrible things they did and show the horrible things their enemy did. This is the case. We know about it but we tend to forget it. A few websurfing and another truth is unearthed.

Chechen in these acts of terrorism are terribly wrong as well as the Russian government trying to take control over Chechnya.
Yes, this terrorism action is to blame and I would not spare the life of any of the terrorist if I could, but we need to bring the balance back by remembering the suffering of Chechnya. Russia does the same there every day.

To the Chechen rebels : Ultimately, don't you claim the well being of your wifes and children ? What solution of peace can you bring by acting in such a way ? I was encouraging your cause, but I'm shocked by your actions.